Wes home for weekend and teenage driving

So happy to see our college boy for the weekend! He came home Thursday night, and his friends came later to spend one night at our house.

Socks from Gramma and Grampa 🙂

It makes my heart so so happy to meet Wes’ friends and see the kind of people he wants to hang out with. They were fun, sweet, and godly boys (men?!). Very thankful Wes has been enjoying college and learning a lot. Thankful they’ve been able to be in person during this covid stuff.

Now a little rant about driving with Skye! She’s 15 and has her permit. So we drive to school everyday (she drives and I try and operate my imaginary brake on the passenger side). She is a good driver, things have gone well…just have to report the things the Lord has allowed to come into our path in just the few weeks she has been driving:

1) an ambulance racing up behind us with no where for her to pull off

2) a very slow moped driver with no where for her to pass

3) a very awkward garbage truck to try and get around

4) a truck almost crashed into the side of us when we had a green light and he started turning when not his turn (skye gave him a honk on the horn🤣)

5) a car coming straight for us in our lane, he was passing and it was just in the nick of time that he raced back into his lane.

6) rain

7) potholes the size of a small pond

8) a rock hitting our windshield causing a crack

Needless to say my nerves are SHOT!!! Thank You, Lord, for safety and that we are alive to tell the story ! 🤣🤣

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  1. I will pray for safety for you and Skye
    and for your nerves!!😳🤣 I LOVE seeing pictures of your kids growing up!

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    1. saramincy says:

      Thank you for prayers, Aunt Cilla!!!! 💖💖you will be dealing with this sooner rather than later with grandkids!


  2. Sue says:

    I don’t know how that imaginary brake on the passenger side is working for you, but the one in our car doesn’t have much effect! We’ve been having interesting times with a learning driver, too, but we haven’t had as many “adventures” as you’ve had. She was able to avoid driving over a door that blew off a trailer the other day, though. We’re thankful the door didn’t come off when the guy was passing us!

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    1. saramincy says:

      HAHA about the imaginary brake, Sue!!! That is scary about the door coming off of a trailer- wow! Thankful you are ok….it’s a lot for us Mom’s—we can pray for each other 😆Skye gets annoyed when she sees me clutching my door handle too 🤪this will soon be a distant memory and they will be independent!


  3. Kristi Henson says:

    I’ve only had to teach one of my girls to drive so far. All I could think about for the first 6 months was how I was going to get over the console to the break. Thankfully she does great now, but the next kid is coming alone too soon. More Gray hairs ahead!
    Our scariest experience was one of the first nighttime drives- in trying to dim the high beams- the headlights got completely turned off! And we were on a windy country road. Terrifying.

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    1. saramincy says:

      How can our nerves take this?!?!! 😄that is scary about the lights at night!!! We need to start a support group! 🤣


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