🌿🌸Easter 2021🌸🌿

What a beautiful day!!! It started off cold…but by lunchtime it was a gorgeous 70*……but beautiful in more ways than just the weather…our church service was the hugest blessing. The music was so so pretty and gave God so much glory for what He has done in our lives.

Then we had friends over for lunch (I kept inviting people over for Easter dinner, but some people think Easter dinner is at supper time, you know the whole dinner/supper thing…I only say dinner on Sunday meaning lunch …ANYWAY!!! It all worked out perfectly and it was nice having Sheeza over later after everyone else had left for a supper(dinner) of leftovers 😉

Had to add Wes to our family photo since this is the first Easter we’ve ever been apart!! But he had a great time and brought his friends over to Granna and Poppop’s for a nice Easter lunch (actually I think they had brunch!)

No photos of the food, but we had ham and mashed potatoes, this layered jello salad, roasted corn, a quinoa crunch salad, Hershey bar cake, and Mandy brought rhubarb crisp which was amazing. We played games and told funny stories, it was sweet.

Thank You, God, for sending Jesus to redeem us…thank You for raising Him from the dead! We are alive in You! Thank you for this precious weekend with our family and friends 💖💕🌸❤️

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