Designing T*shirts and updates 🌿🌸

Having so much fun designing t shirts through Red Bubble !

I bought a bunch for summer and I’m loving the tri-blend style of t-shirt. It’s so soft and comfy. (When you look up the t shirt designs there are so many kinds listed: essential,classic, etc…tri-blend is the best!)

Cleaning the pollen off of the porch- so nice to feel clean again out here!

Felting a bit…

Sunday we enjoyed our 15 year anniversary service at church!! Sheeza told me to pose so silly (for the record! 😂)

Going for a lunch date with Dave and taking him to the Bexley House for the first time (eek!)

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. MOM says:

    LOVE the T shirts and THE PORCH…can’t wait, but I have to.❤️💜💕❤️💜💕

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  2. So pretty. You are surrounded by so much beauty too, love your home and that porch too. Such creative art.

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    1. saramincy says:

      Thank you!! I can say the same about you ❤️💕


  3. I love the shirts. They look comfy and stylish!


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