living room refresh🌿

Living room before….

I have needed to switch out some of this art…it’s been on there so long…but I knew it would be a mess:

Exhibit A ^

There’s a lot of measuring and leveling involved in switching out a gallery wall!

After! Can you spot the differences?

Switched out some frames, shopped the house for art, switched family pictures around. It kills me to retire the family photo of us in the snow …I need to find a good spot for it.



Maximalism at its best…although I see some empty wall space still…HA! I would eventually like to get a cabinet for all of the board games over on the left.

Mini paintings works in progress for mini easels ❤️

Have a great weekend! We have a sweet wedding to go to (I always cry at weddings, do you?)

Upcoming post ideas for this blog:

-how my art has changed over the years

-how the color pink is infiltrating our house

-A week in the life here at the Mincy home

Stay tuned 🙂

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  1. I love the changes that you made (even though I loved what you had up earlier)! Change is good! It highlights different pieces and putting pictures in new places will make them seem new, too. Great job!


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