2013 art scene at our house

Looking back at old photos…2013 was a big year for art. It was fun to decorate our homeschool classroom (the bonus room upstairs)

There were lots of cakes; rainbow for Skye, angry birds for Wil, painting cakes, and a terrarium for Wes. That was the year Wes planted terrariums for his science project and someone knocked over the terrarium minutes before the science fair. I honestly don’t even know which kid knocked it over, I’ve blocked it out!🤣

The art museum was a favorite field trip

Watercolor flowers

I forgot all about the necklaces and painted clothes pins!

This was our spot for art classes! Every week we had kids come over for class and create at the kitchen table. 

Art class name tags

So many good and colorful memories. I wanted to pick a photo for every year of my life to depict the art scene…but judging from 2013 it’s going to be hard to pick one or two. ☺️😇

Happy Monday! Hope you have a colorful week! I’m planning on making royal icing cookies to freeze for Wil’s graduation party. The question is: will we attempt to make cello cookies or not?! I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. MOM says:

    Yay for cello cookies. Fun memories! I miss those little kids, but I like the big ones too!🥰

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  2. saramincy says:

    Yes! The kids just get better with age 🙂


  3. I am just now catching up with some of my favorite bloggers and I see I have missed so much with your site. I LOVE THIS. Your home is beautiful and so full of life. I bet you all have so much fun too. Your home is like an art museum on it’s own. I also love visiting the art museum with the family, so fun and it inspires us all.


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