Week in the Life

THURSDAY, April 22

Got up early – read in Proverbs

Had unusual energy! unloaded dishwasher, make skye breakfast (that she doesn’t eat)

Leave at 8:00, skye drives

Drop her, listen to a podcast in the car

Go home and eat breakfast -nuts, berries, peanut butter

Read in my One Year Bible.

Take pictures of the changes I made in the living room and write the Living room blog post
Finish up the art to take to shops

Make bacon for lunch, eat it in a salad. Talk to Marilou on the phone.

Leave for Rabbit Trails Vintage

Taking carrots and a few other feltings to drop off
Donna has been busy! I love the drawers on this piece!
I’m inspired every time I’m here!!!

I get talking to Donna and then realize I need to get all the way back from Raleigh to get skye at 3:00. I’m late to get skye and she says she thought I forgot her! She drives us home.

Finish painting the mini easels and price them.

Make Perfect Keto chicken cordon blue…supper with the family (except Wil, he’s at work). It’s Skye’s night to do dishes. (I’ve been thinking about doing keto but that’s another story for another time!🤣)

Take Sadie for a walk

Draw on iPad while watching great British baking show

Friday, April 23 …walk with Dave at 6:30…the weather was so nice…the birds were up and chirping loudly. Took skye to school. Came home, finished getting ready. Ate breakfast.

Fun places to go today! Going to Adventures in Bloom’s new shop in Apex! (AiB)

Packing the car with art for AiB and BH (bexley house)

It’s such an adorable shop!! I love it. Laura is doing a great job. She has classes here every Thursday night. We are talking about me teaching felting. Which I am thinking and praying about.

I stop at 5 Guys and get a lettuce wrap burger (the keto thing…don’t worry, it doesn’t last long!), then head to Bexley House

The Bexley House always looks amazing and fresh!

This piece just sold! I’m so happy!

I stopped at the Post Office to mail Wil’s graduation announcements (!!), picked up Skye, then went to walMart. Dave and Wil leave for the wedding rehearsal. I make frozen pizzas (not keto🤣) and read a book. Dave and Wil get back, Skye is out with a friend. It’s been a long but good day.

I try on my new cardigan (duster? Kimono?) from AiB…may wear to wedding tomorrow?


Get up and ready, read in the One Year Bible…it’s been about Gideon this week. Very inspiring. I’ve been struggling to have a great prayer time…it’s wonderful when I can walk with Dave on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we pray together. But I know I have such a HUGE privilege of having time in my life to devote to prayer and I don’t want to waste it. Need to watch War Room again…we have so much power at our fingertips! How I need to pray over each issue in our lives and spend that time with God.

Yep, wearing the new “vest” (sweater) jacket thing 🤣
Carmen spent the night and going to wedding with us

We go to the wedding, then the reception, it was so sweet and the bride was gorgeous and the little flower girl pulled a wagon down the isle with a baby flower girl in it! It was precious!

By the time we get home, I’m tired! And all we did was have fun and eat good food and cupcakes !

I don’t have photos for the rest of this day, but we had our dear friends (Sheeza, Kaylen, James) over for our Saturday night Bible study, and also I convinced them to play my new game found at goodwill, pizza monopoly! It was fun. But we decided next time to play real monopoly.


Sunday is church, which was wonderful. I remember leaving at 8:20 to pick up Sheeza, and then having a great life group lesson, then service. The music was beautiful, and just a nice day in church to worship the Lord. We went to Chili’s after for lunch which was nice:

Sunday was sweet too because we got to talk to Wes on the phone. We were talking to him, and I realized I missed the start to the ladies’ Bible study at church. So I stayed home and worked on figuring out my budget and grocery list for the week. The week had been so busy with go, go, go…it was so nice to sit on the couch and kinda just get organized for the coming week.

Still doing intermittent fasting most days (usually 5 out of 7 days) …so no supper (still full from chili’s!)

Later on I did some felting and Skye and I watched Bringing up Bates, which we love.


Skye’s not feeling well- it was probably allergies, but she had a sore throat for Monday and Tuesday, so she stayed home from school.

Made keto pancakes and bacon….

Ate breakfast with wil…it’s so nice on Mondays and Tuesdays now, Wil has been going into work later, so I get to see him.

Worked on felting for a bit. There are a few orders I’m working on.

We found out Wil got a CFA scholarship! So thankful!
We found out Wes got a scholarship from CFA! Doubly thankful! Thank you, Monica, for this photo 🙂
This is what my kitchen looked like on Monday morning after breakfast. Mondays are the day I try to get things back into order.
Got the stickers in the mail that I designed for a friend and her business. Stickers are so fun.

The rest of the day was basic stuff, dishes, laundry, making supper for the family.


Walked with Dave at 6:30

Stayed pretty close to home today, which was heavenly…skye stayed home from school. Had good devotions…

God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved!!

Worked on lots of artsy stuff, finished up a felting order, worked on red bubble:

So happy that people are finding my Shop! I’ve sold some shirts and a few other little things…just be sure to get the tri-blend shirt if you get one, they are the best quality.

Made pork chops for lunch (family will eat for supper)

Packed up orders to mail, packed up Skye’s shein order to return. Played game with Skye. Worked on laundry and dishes. Made a few phone calls, responded to emails and looked at details for Wil’s graduation. Got a lot crossed off my to do list today.


Flat iron Skye’s hair…Make breakfast….Took skye to school….Home, shower….Got ready….Read Bible, prayer….

Got chairs in mail, put together (for kitchen…we had some of our thrift store chairs bite the dust)

Worked on red bubble

Was supposed to get groceries and make royal icing cookies, but not feeling well….Took nap

Got skye

Made supper -leftover pork chops, skye made Mac n cheese

Did dishes

Didn’t go to church with the fam…

Felt blah…ending on a low note. It was just one of those days – some days you feel like you can get 100 things done, then others like you are just trying to swim upstream and getting no where.

All in all a good week. So thankful for these days of being there for Dave the kids, getting to sell my art. Makes me so happy to think about my art in other people’s houses, hopefully brightening their day.

Thank you for sticking with me through all of those photos and details. Those days were pretty art heavy, and some weeks are completely different with other details- but this was fun.

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