Prue’s style, Seattle style, and Mine


Prue Leith is such a stylish and colorful 81 year old! I have loved watching her in the Great British Baking Show.

I wanted to take a minute to celebrate her style; her glasses! Her bold jewelry, and her color choices. I like to think we would be friends in real life. We could sample baked goods together and shop for funky glasses. 😃 love it all, Prue!

saw a few minutes of the movie, Love Happens, and I enjoyed the clothing choices and hair of Jennifer Anniston’s character, which helps me to know my style is firmly fixed on “Seattle fashion 12 years ago. “

Which would be very similar to north/east coast Canadian girl growing up in the cool weather, and loving to layer.

I got a new shirt from Red Bubble! It’s so fun to draw something on the iPad and 2 weeks later be wearing it….! 🌿❤️This one is called a chiffon top and it’s very lightweight and sort of dressy. I love it…and the little tote bag is fun too. See them here: colorful botanicals chiffon top (I’m having trouble with this link! It will take you to the t-shirt, from there you can search the photos under it for the chiffon top)

plants and bottles tote bag

I would love to hear any ideas of what you would wear on a shirt or put on a tote bag!

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