Happy Friday!

Dave loves his job as a mortgage loan officer. He’s so good at it, if people are not in a position to buy a house, Dave gives them advice and helps them to prepare and get ready so they can buy a house as soon as it is wise to do so. I love that he loves his job and helps people get a home when the time is right.

He and I write thank you notes to his clients every month. They get a sticker from us too, which I hope they like 🥰

Tiny Wes and Wil with Gramma
Wil and Blankie and Bunny

Looking through old photos to make Wil’s slideshow for his graduation. Awwww! So many good ones!

More merch from Red Bubble! Zipper pouches and coasters.

Another visit to Bexley House.

Have a great weekend! We are excited about the graduation festivities coming up and special guests coming to town. Thank You, God, for allowing Wil to get to this point in his life…for him to love You and have grown into a responsible and wise human being, thank You! It is the hugest blessing to see your kids grow in grace and knowledge, and to just enjoy them. As for him leaving for college in a few months (3 and a half!!!) — he is so excited, and we are so excited for him and see God’s leading, we can’t possibly be sad…but we will miss him…and there is that ache and almost sadness…but this is what we have been praying for him, for God’s clear leading and a peace. So thankful…AND we can visit him and Wes 🙂 🙂

So just a warning that in the next few weeks this blog will be overrun with sentimentality and lots of pictures of Wil : )

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