Wil’s Graduation!!!🎓

Morning of his graduation ceremony..getting ready to leave
Guess who came into town for graduation! Grampa!
Getting a little teary here…
Wow…it’s happening!
And the tassel has moved!
Good friend and buddy for the past 15 years…Jake! And a photo bomber 🤣
Marina also came to town just for graduation!
And Marina’s mom, Misty! Shout out to Misty who is a blog reader! ❤️
And Gramma came too!!! All the way from Canada ❤️❤️
Love these brothers!
Pastor Chad came in support, thank you, PC!
Awww!! We were squinting in the sun!
We had lunch at Panera’s, went home, took a nap, and got ready for the next big event; the party! Stay tuned!

We are so so thankful for this past weekend and how we were able to celebrate with friends and family. We are thankful for Wil and how hard he’s worked. It’s amazing when you look at all that’s happened in the last 18 years (sniff sniff…sob!) 🤣 to see your kids grow and mature so much and change right before your eyes into an adult! It’s a lot for a mother to process! Thankful to God for how He’s led Wil every step of the way.

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