Updates (new job, Wes and parents leave, target)

We had such a nice time with Mom and Dad! Sad to see them go…

Love them!
Mom is so sweet to wear and use everything I give her! Here’s the dress from red bubble, which I think looks adorable on her!

Wes left to work at a camp in PA for the summer. We are so excited for him! He had some excitement on the way…looking like this:

A board fell off a dump truck and into his car! Thank The Lord, he was able to get off the highway and he’s fine. We were able to get the car towed and he got safely to camp. So, so thankful it was not a worse situation!!

Lunch with my son before he left at his fave: Zack’s Chargrill!

News flash! Youngest Mincy now also working at….drum roll…3 guesses: chick fil a!!! It’s a tradition for our kids I guess, Haha! First job equals chicken.

One last photo with Marina before she left.

You know I love target! So many cute patterns lately! I bought the blue and white shirt and love it- so comfy and cool for summer.

Went to the library yesterday after I dropped skye at work…it’s been too long! Started reading that top book, Cozy, and love it. Also started Cook90, which has a ton of great recipes.

I still have about 2 posts to write about the Arizona trip, so stay tuned for that.

That’s what’s going on here…how about you? Into the new routine of summer yet?

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