The Grand Canyon

On the third day of our trip to Arizona, we went to the Grand Canyon. This was the first look! Mather’s Point. Wow! You get goosebumps! It was spectacular.

We were enjoying the scenery so much and having a wonderful time …until we walked away from Mathers Point ..and the RAILINGS!!!

Then things got real scary for me. I don’t like heights, but the rest of the family loves heights and scary situations (apparently!) because they all started walking close to the edge, climbing crazy places, and basically scaring me to death!

So a few times I would walk away and just take a quiet, beautiful, and safe 🤣 stroll….I really was shocked at how scary it was….then we saw this in the gift shop:

So many deaths! So many suicides, but also so many accidental deaths. I honestly was terrified, and very very thankful no one fell off!!

Dave and the boys went on a helicopter ride over the canyon and it was amazing (for them!)

View from above of the Colorado river.

There was a cute Native American shop close by. The food situation was bad around the Grand Canyon. A lot was closed due to covid.

So I was very happy to drive back to my love and happy place: SEDONA!!!! More on that later. Sorry to be so negative about this amazing, GRAND, awesome place. It would have been different for me if it was just Dave and I…but I honestly thought I was going to lose my children! It was a weird manic mom moment, I guess! But very thankful we got to see it!

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  1. You had every right to be fearful. Living here in Arizona my husband and I have taken many friends and family from Italy to the canyon over the years. I have been so many times and every time I still get afraid for new visitors that have never been and worry so much that they will slip. It happens more then most people know. Everyone always thinks it will never happen to them and that’s what’s scary. Beautiful place but frightening too. You guys got some great shots. Can’t wait to see the art you all create from this visit, I know it will be pretty.

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    1. saramincy says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one to worry!!! So fun that you live in Arizona! I know you love the cactus and beauty as well! ❤️


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