Artist Spotlight: Gwen!

I love selling art at Bexley House! I love to visit and shop. I love the owners; Debbie and Liz, and the ones who work there, Stacy and Gwen. But Gwen is also an artist!

She makes art from tobacco sticks. They use the sticks when drying tobacco. She makes stars and crosses, she has made nativity sets; which I want to start collecting.

My favorites are the lighthouses she paints. I got one for my parents, then I thought I needed to start my own collection of North Carolina lighthouses!

I love the distressed background, colors, and size of the tobacco stick.

Now I just need to figure out where to put it!

Each lighthouse is labeled on the bottom to tell you where it’s from. Mine is of Oak Island, and I got the Hatteras one for Mom and Dad.

Gwen, you are such a delight and it always warms my heart to walk into Bexley House and hear your cheerful greeting, “Hi, Sara!”

Keep up the good work, Gwen!

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