Updates! Father’s Day, Art, Games, and Food😍🥰

Happy Father’s Day (late) to all you Dads out there!

It was so nice to have Dad Mincy here for Father’s Day!

Granna and Poppop came to stay for a few days

We played games….our new favorites are Quiddler (word making card game) and Camera Roll (super fun game where you find photos on your phone to go along with a theme)

We shopped

They golfed

Wil made my mom’s recipe of Swedish pancakes …

Mom, they were delicious!!! Thank you for your coaching!!

To roll or to fold…Dave rolls because I tell him it’s the best way 🙂

Recent work

I had an idea! And Dave liked it…I cooked potatoes and carrots and mashed them together…it was tasty. And I felt like it was healthier 😉 and the green beans and olive salad was good too – you cook the beans a little and then run cold water over them. Make a vinaigrette with lemon and honey, toss in olives and sesame seeds.

FaceTiming with Wes!!! We miss you Wes! He’s having a great time at camp…and one of his campers just trusted Christ! So thankful for that.

So thankful for you, Dave!!! Thank You, God, for your blessings on our family! 💕❤️

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  1. Misty Rodriguez says:

    Look at that ~ Wil making pancakes again! Love it!


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