💗Birthday Weekend 🌸

I turned 46 on Saturday! It was a really nice weekend, which started on Friday when Skye, Sheeza, and I went out for brunch…

And while we were out, Skye brought up the subject we had been talking about for awhile…which was getting our ears pierced for the second time. We thought it would be a fun thing to do for my birthday eve day! 🤣

We all 3 ended up getting pierced, which was fun

Made me feel very young to impulsively go and do that (after months of discussion and thought – haha!! 🤣)

Saturday morning Dave gave me my present!!! Yay!!! I’ve been wanting a vitamix blender for a long time. So it was a nice way to start the day – with a delicious smoothie. Thank you, Dear!

We went off on our date lunch to Coquette, a French restaurant in Raleigh

It was amazingly delicious!!! I told Dave that when I took a bite of that salad with the poached egg and bacon, I felt like I was in an old French kitchen sitting beside a crackling fire in the fireplace!! It just had that smokey taste!! 😭

And the Brussels sprouts! And the Brie biscuits!

The creme brûlée with macarons for dessert was perfect!

We walked around North Hills for a tiny bit until we had to get Skye from work.

We get home and Dave tells me he is going to make me PINK LEMONADE CAKE!!!! Which is the taste of my childhood birthdays (thanks, Mom!). I had the cake 6 years ago (I blogged about that here), so it was time to taste again!!!

It was so cute to see Dave baking….

He was so sweet to do that for me…how’s he going to top that next year?! 🤣

We had our regular Bible study that evening and it was fun to eat cake together (I forgot to get photos of that part, so here they are from another time 🙂

All in all, a great birthday!! Thank you, Dave, kids, family, and friends for making it special. Wes called, so nice to talk to him!! And we FaceTimed with my parents too. Ready to take on the last half of my 40s!!! Dave tells me the 50s are great!! Ha!! 🤣

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  1. What a wonderful birthday! Pink lemonade cake is our favorite bd cake! We made an amazing gluten free chocolate peanut butter cake over the weekend and forgot to take pictures. It was fabulous and it is ALL GONE! Happy #46!!


  2. Happy belated birthday. How sweet, love the pink lemonade cake.


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