food lately and house tweaks 🥕🍞🛌

Having carrot soup stocked in the fridge and freezer is money in the bank!! I found this recipe on Green Kitchen Stories (love their photos and vegetarian recipes!) I added maple syrup to this batch because i thought it needed a little something extra 😉

And then top the soup with sunflower seeds! Delicious

Spoon Bread! taste of my childhood….except the recipe tells you to make it in the tall apple juice cans (can you still get them?) I used loaf pans

Such a nice, sweet brown bread – and no kneading!

Pavlova! We made meringue cookies the other day and topped with whip cream and berries. One of our all time favorites.

Cleaning up the art studio …we have a twin bed in here now! Dave and I got a new bed, skye got our old bed, so her bed came up here. It’s nice to have the extra cozy spot. Top photo is when we first brought the bed up. But surprise, surprise: all those colors and patterns were too much even for me….so bottom photo shows the tweaks…the white blanket helps a lot.


After….it won’t stay this clean for long!

And how cute is the little zebra rug! Found on clearance at World Market. *no animals harmed to make that rug! 😅

Thanks for visiting our art house! I would love to hear what you’ve been cooking up in your kitchen, or tweaking in your house!

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