Pennsylvania to see Wes! (Our 4 step plan of what to do in PA)

It was so nice to take 3 days and drive to PA, see Wes, do a little sightseeing, and then drive back. A lot of driving! But totally worth it.

Step number ONE: eat at Dienner’s…it’s the best Amish food (or Mennonite, not sure…)but it’s so so good. And so clean!! Amazingly fresh and homemade.

Step number TWO: shop at Metal and Crate. Love this shop…and make sure to go upstairs too.

Step number THREE: Go see a play at Sight and Sound…we saw Queen Esther…it was amazing! There were live horses, birds, dogs, a camel, and a llama in the production!!

Step number FOUR: just look around! It’s so pretty everywhere. The green hills, farmlands, and barns…We were in the East; Lancaster and Reading.

We were so excited to see Wes! He loves working at camp so much. It’s nice to see your kid so happy and doing what he loves.

The camp is gorgeous…I wanted to go to camp!

We ate at The Farmhouse Kitchen in Reading . It was amazing…The smoothies! The omelet!

Zip lining at the camp!

The craft shop!!!

New bracelet to add to the stack

Oh my goodness! We had so much fun. Such a great weekend. We love you Wes…so happy you get to be so happy this summer. And wil and skye did fine at home. Not sure they missed us ?! HAHA!!

Thank You, God, for this beautiful world. We are amazed by the beauty everywhere we go.

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