Christmas Plans (eeek!😁)

I’m only making Christmas plans in my head. No shopping or getting things pulled out yet! I promised Dave I won’t do this til after Halloween…🤣…BUT! Remember how I put the big white tree in the kitchen last year? You can see it here…and the red tree in the living room.

Well, I took that photo (above) of the upstairs art studio, and looked at it and thought, how spectacular would it look to move all of my desks and junk away from the wall and put the white tree right there in the middle, in front of the window?

Can’t you just imagine how cozy that would be with the rugs all around, and the couch in front of it. It would be so magical- we could even put our present up there and that would be our new Christmas Eve spot.

I’m so excited to try it! We have enough trees now with the white and red and pink…I would put the pink tree in the kitchen like I used to (see here). I can’t wait! I am 100% ready for fall and fall means crafting Christmas ornaments and dreaming of tree placement! 😉 Anyone else out there dreaming of Christmas?

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