Surprise! New House! 🏡

We had a surprise a few weeks ago! My parents called to say they were coming to see us and going to look for a house! We were so happy; we’ve been wanting them to move here for awhile.

Sadie found a new friend.

It was a whirlwind of them traveling here (the 3 day journey down from Canada), looking at houses, finding a house, putting in an offer, and getting the offer accepted!

We are so excited to have them live down here! The house is adorable. I can’t wait to take pictures. And —it’s only 15 minutes from us! I will fully document the before and after process of the house. I know they are going to make it so cute. And I told them when they are done gardening at their house (is gardening ever done?!), they can come to our house and help me! 😜

Thank You, Lord, for your leading and provision! We are blown away!

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  1. That’s exciting! Maybe once our parents are living in the same country again, they can get back to celebrating their anniversaries together!

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    1. saramincy says:

      That would be so sweet!!!


  2. Misty Rodriguez says:

    I was just reading a news story from Canada and was reminded of you and your website. So, I came over to take a look at your new posts as I always enjoy seeing them. I was so excited to hear the news of your parents moving near to you. I know you are thrilled! What a blessing from the Lord! I rejoice with you and look forward to the many memories you will be posting about in the future.

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    1. saramincy says:

      Isn’t it great, Misty?! A true gift from the Lord! I can’t wait to post pictures of the house!


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