beach, cards, boys, golf, baptism, food…a little bit of everything!

Skye and I and a few friends went to the beach on Saturday. We need to do it more often! We parked at Fort Fisher (free parking and changing rooms! Thank you for the tip, Jen B!) Then later we shopped at Wrightsville beach and walked on the sand at sunset.

Working on cards

So nice to have Avery stay for a few days! The boys were so cute, working on their cars for hours.

These two have had fun golfing together

Wes at camp!!! We love this camp so much

A friend bought me an orchid! And it’s not dead yet (KNOCK ON WOOD!!) I’ve been giving it 3 ice cubes a week and so far so good

James got baptized!! So thankful for these guys and their growth in the Lord

Have you ever tried a meal kit delivery service? I will only try them when I get a super great coupon to make it worth it. I tried hello fresh, which I didn’t like. But I do like this one: green chef. They have paleo and Keto options, which I like.

This doesn’t look very appetizing, but it was a smoky pork kale salad that tasted amazing.

And one last picture…sniff sniff…this is 2 pieces of toast I made for Wil a few weeks ago when he was sick. I took a picture because how much longer will I get to make him toast when he’s sick ?!?!?!?? SOB!!! No really, you know I’m excited for him. 😉 He’s so ready to go to college…and we will visit!!!!

Thank you for taking this random trip down memory lane with me 🙂

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