life lately: flowers, cake, back to school

I walked at lake benson last week and so happy I did. The kids and I used to come here all the time. It was gorgeous.

I can feel fall in the air- YAY!!!

Wes is finishing up at camp this Sunday! This summer has gone by SO fast. He’ll just have a few days at home before he goes to school. AND he turns 20 on the 19th!

We had such a beautiful wedding at church last week. Krista made all her own cakes! She’s so creative, and Ash decorated them with greenery and flowers. Beautiful!

Krista and Joey wrote their own vows- it was so sweet and honoring to God! It was a tear jerker!

One more beach trip before school starts! We went with Beth and Lynne, had a good day in the ocean and then ate at Dockside.

Finishing up my green chef meals; this chili has a Thai flavor combo with coconut milk and lime.

Wil’s been working on his car a bunch lately

I had a meltdown this week!! I’ve been saying all along how excited I am for wil and he’s so excited to go off to college…but it all hit me at once- and we’re going to miss him so much!

Back to school shopping!! I told Dave that a stop to Starbucks is an important part of back to school shopping …he rolled his eyes at that one! 😉

Sadie likes Skye’s new hoodie!

One more of Wes…I love how he’s gotten to sing and play his guitar a lot.

Didn’t have any new photos of this cute man, so using this one again. So thankful for Dave and his leadership in our family. And our family is dwindling down to just us at home again! I know I’ll really feel a difference in our family when skye gets her license in February. So I’ll soak up all the quality time driving her places until then.

Thank you for visiting us here. How is back to school going for you? Any major changes? I was looking at old back to school photos…it’s so different now than it used to be when we homeschooled. Sadie and I will have a quiet house soon (half happy/half sad!!)…I’m looking forward to getting a lot of artwork done! 🎨👩🏼‍🎨

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