what a week!

All the last minute shopping trips…clothes, shoes, bedding…..

Mini fridge…his dream has come true. Wil has ALWAYS wanted a mini fridge in his room!

Wes is home!!! We get him for a few days before he leaves for school. So happy to have everyone together.

The boys had their friends over and I just had to take a photo of the ‘parking lot’ at our house 😉

And all the large shoes….

Wes keeps us all laughing…I love my tie-dyed t-shirt from camp!!!

Keep us in your prayers this week as we will leave 2 of our kids at college! I have just one message for Dave: I NEED A NEW PUPPY! HA! Not kidding tho…skye and I need a baby or a puppy and I know it’s not a baby!!!

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