🎈🔑Birthday, Key, Preach, and Pack 🧳 📦

I’ve been putting off writing about this past weekend. It was such a sweet time to send Wil off and see Wes, but it’s still too fresh!! 🙂 so we are going back to remember Wes’ birthday and other details of what happened BEFORE GD (goodbye day)

It was so fun to have Wes home for 3 days. He had the best summer at Camp Calvary…I want to cherish these memories forever (not that I lived the memories, HAHA …but the memory of Wes being in his element 😉

We celebrated his birthday! 20 years old! I’m so thankful for Wes and his love of life. Wes, you are so friendly and your care for God and others is evident in your life. We are so excited to see what will be next. You have chosen wonderful people as friends. We are proud of you. ❤️

We got the key to my parents’ house!! Yay! It’s so cute, and the property is wonderful. There is the front of the house, and then the view from the back at the pond and neighbors house. We are so excited for them to move here!

Wil was able to preach in church the Wednesday evening before he left. It was a huge blessing. I can’t really even process it. How is my child up there preaching and looking like a grown up?!

Here are the notes I took of the message, and will treasure forever ❤️

The message has really stuck with me: it’s what I needed to hear! My children are leaving and I can be tempted to feel alone at times…trust God’s process!

Packing up to go to college! We are so thankful for you, Wil! You are more than ready for this season of life, and we are thankful to see you so happy.

Lots going on! Changing up the art studio, working on creative projects, redecorating a few places. Stay tuned. It’s going to be a wonderful fall season!

P.S. skye knew she needed to adopt after losing both brothers to college. We are pleased to introduce you to Reginald:

Although I am nervous for Reginald to live with us. Most of his kind die within 6 weeks!

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