🌿🌸my dream find🌸🌿

Our bedroom is slowly filling up with flowers! The newest floral art is that beautiful green oval floral needlepoint

Here’s the story of how it came to live at our house:

Lauren and I went out to celebrate my birthday a few months ago. We went to Dorcas Thrift in Cary. It’s one of the very best thrift stores for home goods and books.

As we were walking along, shopping, looking around; as if in slow motion I saw this gorgeous piece out of the corner of my eye hanging on the wall. As I fully turned and started to walk (run) over to that department, a lady came (swooped in out of nowhere) and took it off the wall and into her cart.

I was devastated!

A little while later I saw the needlepoint hanging back on the wall!!!! She had put it back!

This time I did run …and the rest is history…

It came home with me, along with a few games and Christmas ornaments. Lauren bought the Lincoln logs and Christmas placemats (Christmas was half price!)

I don’t know if it will stay here in this spot- I took down another piece just to get this on the wall.

It’s all the elements: the size, shape, colors, I LOVE IT!

On to other news. This is Dave’s dresser that sits on the same wall as the needlepoint.

You can see this rose needle felting on his dresser. I made it for him for Father’s Day. I am not a poet as you can see- ha! But I was very happy to felt the yellow rose dipped in red…when we were dating, we broke up…then started talking again. We were hanging around with each other everyday. Then it was Valentine’s day and Dave gave me a yellow rose dipped in red. He was being sneaky because a yellow rose means friendship and the red means love. He did love me and I loved him, we just hadn’t admitted it yet…so that’s the story of the rose. It’s true love!❤️❤️❤️

One more thing! Another thrift store find. This time at the beach…the floral oil painting

More yellow flowers…

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading through all of my stories. We really do love flowers here at the art house. You know what I’m going to say next…thank You, God, for making flowers for us to enjoy, Your artistry is awe inspiring.

P.S. the needlepoint was $10!!!

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