Leaving our Second Child at College -part 2

Part one here. leaving Wes at college 2 years ago here. Visiting Wes at college here

So after we moved Wil into the dorm we went to Five guys for lunch…and …

Kung Fu Tea for bubble tea and smoothies.

One last visit to Wes and we brought him spicy noodles.

Then it was time to say goodbye

Last family photo with Wes photoshopped in 😉 🤣 (not last family photo EVER!!!)

I remember this moment with Wes too- the hug goodbye and you can’t speak. Wil gave hugs all around and then sauntered off to his next activity! I cried for a tiny bit, then it was all good! Until we got home and saw our driveway with just our 2 cars…and there were a few more tears…but all in all it’s been a good transition 😉

What have we been up to since then?

Good quality time together! Dave has been working from home some days which is so nice!

time with our friends

Needle felting and always with this little animal near by

Fall Felting …


Making stickers…this comes from Wil’s message a few week back. I’m continually reminded to Trust God’s Process. Life is almost always messy….but by God’s Grace we get through…

Getting in some time in the art studio.

Thank You, God, for how you hold us in Your hands! Thank You for giving us these kids only to point them to You.

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