Leaving our Second Child at College -part one

I had to wait to write this post for the emotions to subside…but the good news is that I feel much better and we are all ok!! Both boys are settling into school nicely and love it. And we are settling into our new normal very nicely too- thankfully!

When it was time for school, Wes had to leave a few days earlier than Wil. So then Dave, Skye, Wil, and I left that Friday and stopped at ikea on the way. The “baby” decided she needed to ride in the ikea cart…

Which was a lot of fun for these two …we honestly do have a ton of good memories from ikea over the years. Not to mention the actual:

Merchandise, and

Pretty stuff. We only did buy a few things. Clip on lights for Wil, stuff like that.

We had a nice supper together

Then we got to school and went to visit Wes…who was in the quarantine dorm…

This was how we could visit…he was feeling fine…but what had happened was that he came home from camp with a little cold (we thought) and then went on to school, but when he got there he had to be tested for covid because some other Camp Calvary people had covid. And he tested positive! So he spent some time in the covid dorm until the following Tuesday, and was tested and cleared to go to classes when they started up on Wednesday.

The rest of us had to get covid tested – 2 different rounds (rapid and send away) and the college said if they both came back negative we were all fine to be there. They did come back negative (the second test came back right in the very nick of time! Thank You, Lord!)

Saturday! Move in day!!! Room 324!! Oh my goodness, we had so much fun moving Wil into this dorm room. It was such a joyful spirit…wil saw many friends he had known already from camp, and met some new guys too…his roommates are wonderful! Thank The Lord!

We saw my cousin Mari!! So fun to see friends and family around campus!

Wil and his one roommate both love coffee, so they set up a little coffee bar with espresso maker, drip coffee maker, keurig, and bean grinder! You can see Wil’s delight at this set up.

Setting it all up…he wanted the bottom tiny bunk!!! On the other side of the room was a two bunk that has much more room, but he likes this (claustrophobic!) little bunk!! Wes likes it too and recommended it!

He has a lot of clothing and shoes, but it all fit..there are 3 closets, and 3 roommates…so it all worked out. And I forgot to take a photo of his sock drawer with about 50 pairs of funky socks ;)….mom, these are just the good ones!

That’s part one..I’ll share the rest of the story in another post. I can’t quite say goodbye yet! No, but really, we are all doing well…it was a good transition and I’m super happy for both boys and how they are happy and busy and moving on to the next steps.

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  1. MOM says:

    So fun to see Wil’s first college experiences!❤️❤️❤️

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