candlelight, pumpkins, stickers, art, t-shirts! 🪴🍂✨

Lighting the candles as the sun gets ready to set

My little pumpkin collection is growing!

Speaking of pumpkins….

new pumpkin t shirts in my Red Bubble Shop

Also baby and kid stuff too!

Stickers!!! This is for my friend, Joy! I love making custom stickers.

Wes wanted some with inside joke sayings….

And this one for Wil, inspired by his sermon.

More felting….Fall is the perfect time to sit by the window, watch the leaves fall down, drink chai tea, and felt!

Prayers from Ephesians for my family…

So good!!!

a few more samples from my red bubble shop…..

And one more little plant before we say goodbye.

The fall weather has been so gorgeous here this weekend. On Saturday I spent a lot of time in the yard cutting branches and burning. It was therapy for the soul! Hope you are having great weather too and starting to display a few pumpkins 🙂 🍂❤️

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