Solo trip to Greenville //so many pretty pictures! 🪴🌺

I had such a fun few days going down to see the boys. Dave was teasing me and asked if I knew how to get there by myself and I said sure, “go from here to the Burlington outlets, then from there to the Depot in Charlotte, then to ikea, then you’re almost there – ha!

Here is a grouping of photos I will call The Blankets That Got Away:

Love this granny square blanket!!!

So The Depot is a huge and amazing antique mall.

I found so many treasures! And even bought a few!


I bought this one!! I love it so much. I’ll show you all my treasures on the wall when they’re ready.

I so thoroughly loved shopping and then eventually made it to Greenville!

I was able to stay with Dave’s parents, and we had such a good time! They have a new puppy, Ginger, she is adorable.

Loved being with Wes and Wil and getting to know their friends. One of my prayers when they left for college was that they would make godly and fun friends…my prayer has been answered, I’m SO thankful for the friends in their lives (old and new)

Love these guys!! So fun to see them and spend time with them. Good to catch up and see them in their element.

We went out for a few meals, also met for coffee…

The Village Grind coffee shop is THE CUTEST!! …just had to take a few photos because I want my house to look like this!

Also visited Barb where she works at Hollowed Earth Pottery. Got to see Charlotte and Joy too…my inspiration cup is full!! I got to see many pretty things and talk to a bunch of creative and fabulous people.

But I really missed my sweet husband and daughter! It was good to get home.

Thankful for safety on the road and good memories with sweet people ❤️❤️

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