Catch up 🪴🍂🧶 (and new folks in town!)

The last time I was here I told you about the trip to Greenville and shopping at the Depot…here are a bunch of what I bought all in a row: the 2 floral paintings, 2 trays, and the sweet flower plate. The black grid with photos clipped to it is from ikea.

Nerds candy corn! Yes! We liked it..candy corn consistency, but tart and bold nerd flavor. Would you eat this?! 🤣

Recent events: spirit week at college…thrifting day out with our local kids 🙂

One last photo of Mom and Dad on that side of the border….

Boys came home for fall break and brought their friends!! We had so much fun with them…bonfire, they went to fair, downtown Raleigh, Harry Potter marathon.

Such a sweet group of kids!!

Back together again!! ❤️❤️

Aunt Cilla sent this photo to me …she gave one of my cards to a friend, and the friend’s 5 year old was inspired to make a card too. That makes my heart so happy 😊

Drumroll…..this truck and trailer came here all the way from Canada!! Dave flew to Maine and drove it down. Mom and Dad worked so hard for months to pack up everything and move down here!!!

Keys to their adorable and sweet new house!

Wish I had a photo of when we went out to the Outback as a celebratory meal!

3 generations 🙂

Things are shaping up over there (they are only 15 min from us!!! What a blessing! The only other time as adults when we’ve lived close to family was one year in Greenville, we lived next door to Gigi and Pops.)

They are going to make their house so cute! I’ll share more as it gets done and set up. We are so thankful to God who orchestrated all of the events and so thankful to Him that they are safely here!

Other photo ops in the works: trunk or treat this weekend…we got new floors in our bedrooms! I’m researching paint colors for bedrooms…and of course….CHRISTMAS TREES!!! Stay tuned 🤣 😉

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