🎃Halloween 2021🎃

We had so much fun! Decorating for trunk or treat, eating too much candy, carving pumpkins, and Scooby Doo!!!

First off, Scooby Doo…

I think they did a pretty good job!

Painting pumpkins (what is it with pink lately? Every holiday needs a little pink!)

The practice run at home…

All lit up in the church parking lot

Add a baby!! She matched 😉


More carving

we roasted the seeds too and this is the first time I haven’t burned the seeds!

So pretty!

Thankful for the perfect combination of friends, treats, cute babies, and glowing pumpkins. It was a magical night.

The boys also decorated a car for trunk or treat at college and had a good time. Less than 3 weeks til we get to see them!

P.S. cutest costumes:

Rubik’s cube, spider man, and a Lego! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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