Designing Wallpaper!

I’m so excited to share my newest online shop! My Spoonflower Shop!

This website is the coolest…I can upload my designs and they will make them into Wallpaper and fabric and other merchandise.

Introducing my first design: Red and Pink Confection

I bought sample wallpaper swatches from spoonflower so I can inspect the colors and quality. I was very happy

This one is Alice in Colorland

I put the swatches on the wall to pretend I wallpapered the whole wall…when in reality it looks like this:


I really would wallpaper every inch of my house if I could…

Thanks for visiting and let me know if there is a color combo or design idea you have, I could make you custom wallpaper!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. MOM says:

    I like Red and Pink Confection! The top sample looks lighter in color, and I like that best.😁💕


  2. Sue Hoijer says:

    I seem to recall some wallpapering get-togethers that our parents had. We’ll have to ask our moms about those!


    1. saramincy says:

      Yes Sue! Our parents were great wallpaperers 🤣it goes back to our roots..! I’m trying to convince my mom to wallpaper at her new house


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