🍂🪴7ish things to be thankful for…

Skye and I got our nails done! Her white and me dark green

New floors and rugs in the downstairs bedrooms!! And I’m painting an accent wall in the bedroom…any guesses as to what color?! It won’t be a shock…

Red Neck BBQ Lab for a date lunch …we really liked it!

Napkin rings from a friend- how cute are they?!?

You know I told you about the wallpaper designing (it’s so fun!) I’ve been ordering swatches to test out each design. Decided to make a little gallery up here in the art studio. (New Instagram just for these designs HERE)

The trees are so pretty right now and this is my view outside of the studio window! Breathtaking

Mom and Dad’s house is so so cute! They’ve worked so hard…

We went there Sunday for dinner and it was so cozy and magical

Mom’s apple pie by the fire…what more could you want?!

I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness this thanksgiving season! I don’t deserve these good gifts from our Father; the gorgeous nature, family and friends, parents close by, marriage and good food. It’s all from Him! 👏🏼🪴🍂❤️ many blessings to you, my dear readers!!

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