birthdays, family photos, and the beach

Mom had a birthday! We celebrated by going out to lunch

Wes came home for a few days. We were happy to see him and Kayla!

Wil didn’t come home until Monday and just missed Wes, but we had Nikita to stand in for family photos – ha!

Grampa and Gramma enjoyed seeing Wes!

Then Wil got home! Shrimp and grits for supper!

We had the sweetest server in the Chick Fil A drive through 🙂

Oops – forgot this one…it was Kayla’s birthday week, and her sister Steph was here too!

Then Sadie had to pack her bags to go to her grandparents house! Here she is all ready 😉

While Sadie was getting babysat, we went to the beach the day before thanksgiving.

It was a gorgeous day!

Pretty cold, tho!

We ate and walked on the beach…

Visited the lighthouse at Oak Island…

Took pictures with wings in Wilmington…

Enjoyed the GORGEOUS sunset on Wrightsville beach

Meanwhile Sadie was having a wonderful time without us. She enjoyed her visit!

Look at that purple sky! Wow…what a gorgeous day.

Ending with some great Italian food.

Good times and memories. I’m so thankful for this sweet family! God is so kind to us.

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