Thanksgiving 2021

We had a sweet thanksgiving…Wil was here and Mom and Dad. Kaylen and James came over later, then we had dessert and scrabble at my parents house.


Turkey, ham (for Dave), mashed potatoes, mom’s cranberry, my cranberry, corn casserole, green bean casserole, rolls, stuffing, pickles, pecan/chocolate pie, pumpkin pie…cranberry punch. It was all tasty!

Getting a family picture


I love how Sadie is staring at us…


😉 🤣oopsies! needed to wait for the camera timer!

We missed having Wes with us for thanksgiving, but know he was having fun in NJ. So much to be thankful for. Thank You, God, for our salvation, for your amazing character which we can trust, and our daily hope in You! ❤️💕

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