📚Best Books of 2021📚

This post is not going to be as in-depth as last years’ big book recap…one reason being that I reread several of those same books 🤣 and I didn’t keep as careful records and didn’t read as much as in 2020, but here are 12ish highlights of the year:

Let’s start with the second best…(first best is at the end!) Jen Wilkin is one of my very favorite authors. She can study the Bible and explain it so well. I’m in a book club where we go through a chapter every two weeks. I’m so glad I’m able to discuss this with other people, it helps me process it and cement the truths in my head. This book goes through some of God’s character traits.

Loved this book about CS Lewis and his eventual wife, Joy Davidman. So well written, beautiful descriptions and a peek into the life of Joy and Jack.

Such an encouraging little book ! Love this. A good one to buy for friends. We went through this as a book club at church – very fun and thought provoking.

I read this in a Reader’s Digest condensed book. Here is a description of this inspiring story:

I love a good memoir just like this…so motivating!

I love Erin and Ben Napier! What a fun book this was, following their journey from childhood to where they are now and how they restore homes and towns. Encouraging!

Wow…wow…this helpful book is so chock full of help and reminders – not just about parenting – but about the Christian life and how to live it. Here is a screenshot of the camera roll on my phone from several months back:

All quotes and passages from this book that I want to remember! It’s so powerful to be reminded of God’s Grace in our lives and how to worship Him and in turn how to treat other people in our lives. A favorite quote:

I would highly recommend this book to anyone, parent or not…just to work on our own hearts and need for God

This book needs its own post!!! Oh my goodness!! So much good stuff here. Please tell me if you’ve read it..I would love to discuss! I don’t agree with the author on everything. And she is not a Christian as far as I know, but I LOVE her recognition of our Creator and how He made us to be creators. She recommends 2 things that I think are fabulous ways to unlock creativity: daily journaling 3 pages. And weekly artist dates with yourself (I know! Sounds crazy…) but I have unconsciously been doing the artist dates…I know when I’m getting dry creatively and I will go to the library or a new restaurant, museum, store, park…you know the places where you will go to get inspired…ANYWAY! No time for this now but I could go on and on about this book. Very interesting stuff

Let’s talk about Erin Gleeson, cookbook author and illustrator. I love her books so much!

Just found another of her books at the library!

I love the vegetarian recipes, the artwork, and just the whole creativity behind what she does

This week’s library stack

Speaking of the library, how cute is this little tree with tiny copies of books hanging as ornaments ?!

I loved the writing in this book, The Light Between Oceans. Very interesting plot. (You can tell I’m getting tired of all this writing!)

Love love love Julia Rothman books and illustrations!

Next on my list to read: Another book by Patti Callahan. Suffice it to say, she’s a big CS Lewis fan and historian!

Drum roll please!!!

The best book of the year has taken me all year to read! And with good reason, it’s meant to take all year! I’m almost done with the whole Bible! You can be sure I skimmed through some sections, and missed a few days here and there, but really enjoyed the One Year Bible (NLT) …I loved knowing I could open the Bible to the date of the year and it would give me a passage from the Old Testament, the New, a Psalm, and a few verses from Proverbs every day. So the whole Bible format is set up in daily readings

Those were a few highlights. Would love to hear what you’ve read this year!

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