Art of 2021

2021 was a good year for art…for learning new things, practicing old things, adding more art and color to our house, and generally enjoying color/print/pattern, and my iPad drawing program to the fullest. Add in a few creative baking sessions and then ordering creative merch online, we had a smashing year / and I’m thankful to say Sara’s Art House Inc is ending the year in the black! Not by much…ha! But enough for the next round of supplies needed 😉

The love of needle felting is still going strong. I’m so happy to be able to sell at the Bexley House in downtown Clayton as well as my beloved Rabbit Trails Vintage.

Flowers and plants are still a theme

Painting is still happening once in awhile; watercolor cards, birds, and recipes. Acrylic pumpkins, mini easels, and the first painted Bible. The watercolor truck was a fun one for a friends’ baby boy nursery.

House projects! The bathroom project was a big one, and so fun to figure out. Here’s the project: Sara figures out how to justify more black walls for her house!

Our bedroom!! Eek! We love it so much. The dark charcoal wall, the lighting, it all came together and we are thankful – especially to our friends and painters who helped make that a reality.

I put that kitchen photo up there; our trip to arizona was back in May but I still have the pictures displayed up there. Makes me happy to remember.

Stickers!!! I love to make stickers…it was really fun to make stickers for the kids to give to their friends…

And Dave to give to his clients at work when they move into a new house.

Fun food!

I’m so bad at royal icing cookies, and no matter how much I practice, it’s not getting any better, but royal icing cookies are kind of like kids’ art, it’s cute no matter what. And tasty too!


Tea towels! coasters, a mug! Tote bag. Had fun buying some merch to quality check and give a few as gifts.

Front and side entries give an opportunity to be creative

My newest love and obsession; designing for wallpaper and fabric

It’s so fun! I could draw and draw all day….

So thankful for these artsy outlets. Here’s to 2022 and what will be next? You never know! In the last 3 years we’ve discovered royal icing, making stickers, needle felting, and designing on the iPad…WOW!!! It’s so funny how all of this is so new…it seems like for years all I did was paint, paint, paint.

Looking forward to 2022. Thankful for 2021. What about you? What did you do creatively this past year?

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