Christmas 2021

Looking through the pictures from Christmas, I counted 87 that I want to add here for memory sake! So we better get started -ha!!

We had such a beautiful and worshipful music Christmas program at church. I cried several times…I love how the musicians and Dave used old classic carols and also some amazing new songs…we really rejoiced and sang and remembered that Christmas is about the cross

Sheeza was going away for Christmas so she got her present early…I’m so excited about this navigators scripture memory system. We are all going to start that soon

We left on the 19th and met the boys in Greenville so we could be with Dave’s parents and Mark and Barb’s families. first stop; Maple Street Biscuit Co! The best.

At Granna and PopPop’s and Skye meets her hair twin Ginger! Sweet puppy

And we get to see our sweet nieces, here’s one, shout out to fellow blogger, She knows who she is!! ♥️

So nice to be with everyone!

We had an early celebration at Barb and Jon’s…here are the December birthdays!

Back home again! on the 22nd we took our annual trip to see the Meadow Lights…the candy was pretty much gone as you can see by the empty baskets!!! But we found just enough to eat …even peach rings…

Candy on the country store porch!

Standing in line for the train…

How many years have we ridden this train?!

Sweet friends and sweet memories…

These grown up kids are the best!

Let’s get a close up on those faces…

Cozy home front on the 23rd…candles in the fireplace and a crackling fire on the tv 😉

Some Christmas elves came and brought gifts…Dave’s favorite gift ever! A big cup for his Mountain Dew…

Skye and I made a gingerbread chalet…that’s right, not a house, a ski chalet 🤣

Adding to the card wall

Past art that gets pulled out…I made everyone draw the grinch one year

Sadie’s ready!

Stopped by the Sabina’s to see our friends!! Kaylee, Aline, and Suhaily were there!

Good to see them ♥️

And now on to Christmas Eve dinner with guess who?!

Here’s another hint…a REAL fire!

Hugs to Gramma!

What a huge blessing!! The whirlwind move from Canada and here they are…the house moved in and beautiful and all ready for Christmas!

We are so thankful! What a treat, to get to be with both sets of parents and almost all of Dave’s siblings…(we missed the Branine’s!) and we FaceTimed with Andy too


Opening presents…

New jackets!

Ok, I’ll stop there and do one more post for Dec 25 and 26.

Leaving you with the words to Light of the World by We the Kingdom:

Beautiful…From the beginning to the end! Our hope is Jesus!

Thank you for getting through the many photos…happy new year!! 🎊👏🏼‼️ And thank you for visiting here!

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