Dec 25-26 🌲♥️❤️

Rewind to Christmas Eve…after we left my parents house we went home to open present…upstairs! By the white tree!

Oops…where’s Dave?

That’s better 🙂

So fun!

We got fun stuff…Dave got me the eufy (robot vacuum), Anyone else have one? The kids were sweet and got us thoughtful gifts. It was the year of the shoes..everyone got shoes. The kids also got each other some pretty great gifts too.

Also: shirts, I think everyone got a flannel shirt.

Sweet kids…sweet times

Christmas Day! We got up (not too early!) and opened our stockings and ate the Krispy Kreme donuts that Grampa bought for us (is this a new tradition, Grampa?)

Then these 4 practiced their song to sing at church the next day…it was so pretty, Who Would Have Dreamed by Sovereign Grace

Trying on my new shoes from Wes! I love them, Wes!! (Plaid pants in honor of Christmas)

Setting the table for Christmas dinner; lasagne!!

Gramma and Grampa came over to share in the festivities

We played Wes’ new game called Chameleon- it’s so fun!

Even the grandparents liked it! They don’t look like it in this photo – but I promise they had fun 😉

Sunday the 26th…I love hearing my family sing and play at church

It’s so nice to have these college guys home!

Sunday nite …gingerbread house decorating contest!!!

Each and every house turned out adorably

More gifts by the tree with our extra kids…

More icing !! 🤣

One more batch of wreath cookies for Wes!

So thankful for this Christmas season…thank You, God! Thank You for all we have in You! Thank You for this beautiful time with our family ♥️❤️♥️🌲🌲🌲

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