The great snow of 2022 + Dave’s Birthday❄️🎉

About a week ago we got a *ton* of snow (for us here in the South 🙂 ) it was about 5 inches but plenty enough to sled and make snowmen! Everyone came over and played in the snow

Dave and I racing down the hill, you can see he’s winning ..

It was so pretty!

So fun…and cold! 🙂

Warm and cozy inside

Candles in the fireplace…

Dogs sitting on fuzzy pillows…


She was the one who did not like the snow…and did not want to do her business in the snow, which reeked havoc on our indoor rugs ! Good thing she is so cute

Then this guy had a birthday!!

We love you sooo much, Dave Mincy!!!

I took him to Big Ed’s in Garner for lunch, then chicken corn chowder for supper, his request, along with…

His favorite mandarin orange salad

My favorite of his childhood photos…!!

And his absolute favorite of all time: carrot cake! You can see recipe here from last year’s birthday post. It’s so good we each had a piece before the birthday supper 🤣

53 is starting out to be a great year for Dave, I can tell! He just gets better with age 😉

Thank You, GOD! For beautiful snow, sunshine, crazy cardinals who attack my car mirrors, and a sweet sweet family. ♥️🤪😍

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