Peach Cabinets in the kitchen🍑💕

Lots of crazy stuff going on in the kitchen! I’ll give you the back story:

When we moved in the whole kitchen was white with white counters, white floors, light wood. It was a huge space with tons of white. Lots of people would like that, but I need contrast (and color and pattern and texture 🙂 ). So I started adding chalkboard walls.

Then we painted the bottom cabinets red and the top pale green. It’s been this way for a long while and I was very happy with it and content until the day I woke up and needed to paint the top cabinets either a peach or dusty pink color. ( a warm color)

Pink is infiltrating our home in the hugest way!

Do you know the number and variations of pink and peach paint colors? It’s staggering and confusing…I narrowed it down to 3 colors and started here:

Pale pink on the right, dusty pink in the middle, and what you don’t see here yet is going to be a peach on the left

I had a calendar made with my wallpaper designs, so that’s the paper I added to the back of the shelves. But peel and stick wallpaper would be perfect as well.

Then, since those three sample colors weren’t quite right, I mixed all 3 and came up with the perfect peach which you can see here…it’s not even completely painted yet!! I couldn’t wait til it’s done to take pictures! I’ll put links at the bottom of all 3 paint colors if you want to mix equal parts together to get “perfect peach”☺️ I had a sweet older man at Lowe’s help me – if you mix your color at home, take it in and they can match it.

Now to style the shelves…

My favorite rug from target! I have the same one in the hall bathroom…it looks good everywhere!

And I got new cabinet handles! Now I need to order black drawer pulls.

Cabinet Pulls

Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make an Amazon purchase through my links at no cost to you

See that green wall over there to the left? Changes coming there too!

More work to be done…I used the iPad to add a wood look to the counters for future butcher block and possibly paint the hood black?

But maybe I should just focus on finishing the painting portion of this project!

This just in! I Put up a tiny black shelf for frequently used spices.

And the quote above the stove: Visit many books but live in the Bible

My spice cabinet was overflowing…so this should help

Found the spice jars from Amazon…I took only the ugly jars and switched out with these ones.. I like the eclectic look of a few different jar types. also like that they came with labels and a white marker! (Shelf from ikea)

It’s all coming along! Now I’m looking at the red cabinets thinking: they need a good, clean, new coat of paint…maybe go into more of a terra cotta shade? I’ll keep you posted!

Paint colors: Antelope by Valspar, Pink Glamour by Sherwin Williams, and Romance by Sherwin Williams

Cabinet Pulls

16 Spice jars with labels

Target rug

Thank you for coming on this colorful journey with me 🙂

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  1. grannamincy says:

    Love all the color and how roomy your kitchen is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saramincy says:

      Thank you, Mom! As Poppop would say, there’s a lot of color! 🤣😍


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