Friday favorites🧣🌺🍊

One: WINTER CLOTHING! Hats, boots, sweaters, LAYERS, jackets, flannels, did I mention layers?

Number TWO, going along with number one: flannel shirts under sweaters

3) Cara Cara oranges…sweet and seedless, what more could you want! Also they were from Aldi (another favorite) so they were about 29 cents for a bag 🤣

Can’t compete with God as the ultimate artist! The beautiful Cara Cara orange.

4) My new design from Spoonflower …you can get this Peach and Citrus Delight in fabric, wallpaper, and home decor items…they are having 20% off of fabric right now! My real favorite here is the Spoonflower website. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences designing, uploading, ordering, and navigating their website.

FIVE- Birthday parties! Sheeza turns 23!!

6) My sweet son who sends me pictures ❤️♥️

I was so happy to get phone conversations with both boys this week!

SEVEN—Watercolor painting…it’s therapy!

Note: the following are affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make an Amazon purchase through my links at no cost to you

eight- We love Andrew Peterson books and music! This latest book is so inspiring, thought provoking, and nature infused! Listen to this sentence from the book description:

This book is in many ways a memoir, but it’s also an attempt to wake up the reader to the glory of God shining through his creation.

…”the glory of God shining through his creation”.….I LOVE that phrase so much. The God of the Garden really does focus on that very thing. Dave agrees, Andrew Peterson and I are somewhat alike. We get upset about things like kids not spending time outside, urban growth that doesn’t encourage walking paths, weird stuff like that. And the book really makes me want to go to England and go on walking tours around the countryside!

9))Memory Verse system …we’ve been trying to be better about verse memory…This system has helped, and it has handy verse cards to carry around (you can carry them while walking outside enjoying nature HAHA!)

[Ten]…my daily peeps. Dave is the very best and Skye is fun to be around…it’s getting closer to when she gets her license so I’m soaking up every minute with her.

Eleven —having my parents living so close by. I went over there yesterday and we sat on the porch (it felt like spring!)

Twelve – our bedroom has come together and I’m so thankful for this cozy space….I looked forever til I found these floral pillowcases that I love

P.S. bonus favorite: I know everyone has talked about Wordle, but in case you haven’t heard. It’s a fun word game you can play here…you can only play it once a day…which I love.

Leaving you with 3 questions; who plays wordle? Who likes winter clothing better than summer clothing? And who has a good verse memory system that has worked for you? I would love to hear tips on verse meditation and memory.

Happy Friday! Thankful to God for His blessings, beauty, Word, and answers to prayer ♥️💕❤️

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  1. grannamincy says:

    Love all of this !


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