I had to ask myself when I started this post…was the point of this whole thing so I could make a fun chart, photograph pretty smoothies, or get healthy?!

The answer: all of the above! Plus…

It’s also a chronological look at the rise and fall of an American wife’s nail polish HA!!

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This is where all good challenges start…at the library. In the cookbook isle, and you know I’ve been looking for pretty cookbooks for my shelves. I found this delightful book with 2 vibrant, happy friends who make green smoothies and tell all the health benefits and give tons of recipes and show lots of pretty pictures.

So I made my chart on heavy watercolor paper. I roughly wrote out all the recipes that sounded good and drew little smoothie glasses and cups. The purpose of this chart was to give ideas…not to lock us into which smoothie we would drink/eat that day.

Did you catch the “us” I typed up there? Yes, Dave was all on board…and Skye has an occasional smoothie too.

I will paint in a smoothie as we make them…the recipes you see here are a half size. So that’s the size I usually make for myself, but Dave will a lot of the time drink one for supper, so I’ll double what you see here (in the book they always use the double size, so you are getting 2 cups of greens in every smoothie)

Added frozen cherries for the purple color

Vibrant green! Spinach, mango, pineapple, banana, and oat milk. We love oat milk, so that’s a staple.

I get the produce and oat milk at Aldi or Walmart. (We stock a lot of these frozen fruits)

Add in a little carrot!

The vitamix can handle it!!

Oops, not the taste I was going for, but really, isn’t that what a smoothie is? Baby food for adults ?! Eat your spinach…come on, eat it up! 🤣

Add some mini chocolate chips if you’re feeling crazy!

Sometimes the color is a little blah, that’s ok, put it on the rainbow stairs and it’ll be fine 🙂


Delicious edition to any day.

You know I love intermittent fasting and that’s my happy place. My secret to a wonderful day is to eat only breakfast and lunch, make sure there are greens in there somewhere (in a smoothie?), make sure you get some good protein, and the most important part: dessert!

Although today I need to chew my greens!

The most recent chart updates…started Feb 1

It’s been fun, and I’m sure (knowing Dave and me) we will finish out the month and not be able to look at another smoothie for a very long time!

But for now we are enjoying the tasty way to get in our fruits and veggies, and it makes us feel like we are being responsible. Would love to know if you guys are green smoothie people? Ever made one? Its amazing how you can only taste the fruit! (we usually use spinach or romaine)

This reminds me of when I did my Apple A Day challenge last year…that was fun and apples are the perfect food and fun to photograph…maybe that’s next….:)

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  1. Jarynne says:

    I think the chocolate one looks good!!!!


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