Friday Favorites: Valentine’s, Trader J’s, etc…🥗❤️🍪

First favorite: Valentine’s Day…it’s cheesy, sweet, pink, candy and cookie related, what’s not to love?!

Late nite cookie making session..

We had our friends over to help decorate. I promise to share the royal icing recipe! It’s a good one…

Dave and I didn’t get a picture on Valentine’s Day …so here’s an old one ❤️❤️and the card he got for me was adorable! Thank you for being my Valentine, Dear!! I’m the luckiest!!! (you are my number one favorite)

Favorite number 2]] the super bowl!! It was so fun…we made the traditional cocoa krispy treat football, had pizza, friends, my parents came. It was an exciting game! About half of us went for the losing team, half of us won (I lost …) but it was very fun and festive

Mom and I made a valiant effort to watch 🙂

Some of us just gave up and played games 😉

Favorite No. three….Trader Joe’s trail mix crackers with Trader Joe’s bacon cheddar cheese on top …so perfect!

Also these opal apples from TJ’s that don’t get brown when you cut them and send them in a lunch. They are delicious

Favorite Four: best vintage store in Raleigh!!! This will get a post all its own very soon….Trunk Show…I LOVE this store! Skye’s friend told us about it and it’s right by Trader Joe’s so…perfection!

Favorite FIVE: this little statue head planter from Michael’s with the perfect greenery….this is from their spring collection out right now and 40% off!!!!! He’s so cute!! (and another future post…totally reworked the shelves in the art room)

Favorite number 6/// scripture verses on the walls…

I love this one from Psalms…

—-Number SEVEN —- my vitamix blender has been an absolute work horse!!! My $20 blender would have busted in two with all the smoothies we’ve been making; frozen fruit, ice, carrots! It’s a champ!

Bonus favorite …I changed up the cookbook shelves this week with new library books…so fun.

Happy FRIDAY!!! Have a great weekend! Go to Trader Joe’s and get that cracker and cheese combo! Put some scriptures on the wall, visit a vintage shop, and …drum roll …make a green smoothie !🥬🍏🍐🥗🌿🍐🍏🥬♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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