Our Gallery Walls // mostly thrifted treasures

I loved doing this little exercise! trying to remember where things came from and seeing trends emerge

Lots of good memories… lots of thrift store trips!

The good news is that it’s almost yard sale season!

So much good stuff

Also, lots of nail holes in our walls 😉

My newest favorite is that embroidered piece from Trunk Show…here’s a close up:

Kitchen florals

The plate wall…we had a friend over the other day who asked, “why all the plates?!”

Who knows? It’s grown!


I did a little math and came up with the top sources for our home decor:

I know goodwill and thrift stores are the same thing, but as I remember it, I bought 22 of these items from random thrift stores and 10 items specifically from goodwill. They deserve their own category, I think.

Thank you for taking this journey around our gallery walls. I just counted; 33 of the pieces are floral. I think we have pinpointed my obsession! Thank You, God, for flowers!!! What an inspiration.

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