Friday Favorites📚🪴🍰🎨

Let’s start with the books…

1//Because He Loves Me is a great book of gospel centered reminders! We are starting it with the girls in our Bible study.

2//Lois Lowry, author of The Giver, wrote a memoir which I loved. The format was so great, she would show a photo from her past and then talk (write) about it. So many good little stories and glimpses into her life and then snippets from her books and how her life influenced her writing.

3//How to be an Artist by Jerry Saltz is a very encouraging and inspiring book about the creative process. He uses tons of examples from the great artists and breaks down the steps needed to get work done.

4//The Son by Lois Lowry is a sequel to The Giver (there are 4 books) and eventually let’s you know what happened to Jonas. I’m listening to it on my library app. She’s such a good writer.

5//I scraped the window, painted the top design, hated it, scraped it, painted the stripes like I had before except a different color palette….the favorite here is that I finished and I’m finally happy with it !

5 continued//Painting! It’s been a week of a lot of painting…it’s been therapeutic

6//Dave and I went on a lunch date to the Cheesecake Factory…and I got THE BEST cheesecake I’ve ever gotten! I’ve loved the Godiva chocolate cheesecake in the past and the fresh banana cream…but this one….it’s the coconut cream pie cheesecake! With a ribbon of chocolate ganache at the bottom and a coconut macaroon crust, it was amazing! We had such a sweet day together! Sweet… pun intended.

7//Hershey bar cake! Skye loves this cake, we all love this cake…recipe here (I’ve never added the nuts, but I bet that’s good too!)

8//Plants! Real and fake…the yellow flowers were at my parents house 💛💛

9//My baby; a licensed driver!!! Yay Skye!!! We’re so proud of you.

10//This cute thing sleeping in the sun in her favorite little cozy bed, with the extra blanket 😉 💛

11//Psalm 34!! A huge encouragement. Thankful for this week and what God allows in our lives. Hope you have a great weekend…go get some cheesecake, read a book, paint something and water a plant 😉 🤣

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  1. grannamincy says:

    So much good stuff!!

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