Perfume Memories

What a fun memory lane to go down …just seeing the old bottles of past perfumes brings back so many memories…I so badly want to smell these again!

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First perfume memory …my mom wore L’effleur and I thought this was the most beautiful and sophisticated scent

Junior high…Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth. That bottle!!! The absolute coolest scent and look (it’s now only $150 on eBay!)

Exclamation came out the year I turned 13…what great artistry! Here’s a description (FYI I just saw this in the store recently)

High school – THE BEST EVER!!! Mango perfume oil. I always go into a Body Shop when I see one in hopes of smelling this tart, fruity scent. (Haven’t seen it in years) I can almost conjure up the smell. My high school was the preppiest, most J.crew, body shop, Gap-est school …(when j.crew and gap were cool) and this is my scratch and sniff scent of high school (and I got all my gap and jcrew at thrift stores)

Body shop has a mango spray! I need to try this

College…dream from Gap…anything from Gap…they had a scent called grass, do you remember that? It smelled exactly like a freshly mowed lawn. The Heaven scent was pretty too.

Also college…but specifically the summer I worked at Camp Chetek, it was alllllll about the Bath and Body Works lotions and body sprays. Plumeria was so sophisticated …

Country Apple!!! Clean and fruity

Sun ripened raspberry!! Sweet but not too sweet

Honeymoon!! Victoria’s Secret, strawberries and Champagne…such a sweet smell and memories…

First year of marriage …we had come home to the states then Canada to get married and I remember shopping at Tommy Hilfiger …I bought some preppy shirts to wear to school (I taught kindergarten) and this clean and sporty perfume.

Currently I like Surf from American Eagle. Here’s the description for the men’s version of surf:

Sounds about right. It does feel beachy.

Currently wearing; pink palm body spray by Good Chemistry. It’s a happy and fresh scent

I’d love to hear your perfume memories, and do any of these ring a bell. This was such a fun walk down memory lane!

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