Friday Favorites: books and a cute guitar 📚

It’s been a great few weeks for finding excellent books at the library, thrift stores, and an audio book. This post contains affiliate links. Can’t wait to share the good stuff!

The Family Dinner by Laurie David. I found this cookbook at a thrift store (Dorcas in Cary…one of the best). I Love love this book!!! It has easy recipes, but more importantly, it’s inspiration to keep going with the family dinner…it’s important! It’s life changing for your family. There are great conversation starter ideas and games too. SO happy I found this great book! The Bang bang parmesan chicken recipe is delicious and the risotto …2 winner recipes out of the 2 I’ve tried!

The Posy Book by Teresa Sabankaya. What a great book from the library! I borrowed it mostly to use as inspiration for drawing and painting flowers, but it’s so much more! It talks about the history of posies, or small bouquets. And how each flower and herb has meaning (there’s a full flower dictionary included) so you can create a bouquet and add a tag telling what each flower/herb means. There are many beautiful examples including a thankful bouquet, love, congratulations, friendship, a mother’s love, happy days, holiday warmth….with flowers that pertain to the sentiments. Very creative and gorgeous photography.

Modern Crochet Mandalas is another beautiful book …I wish I could crochet! These are beautiful works of art!

You know this book caught my eye, Crafting a Patterned Home by Kristin Nicholas. Just beautiful and inspiring. Lots of good DIY projects.

Masterpiece by Elise Broach …a cross between The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Stuart little, and a really great art appreciation book. This book I found on my library app and listened to as I did housework. It’s adorable. I loved the writing, the characters, the creativity, and the narrator (Jeremy Davidson). I would highly recommend it to my younger nieces (you know who you are! ❤️) or anyone like me, young at heart, who still enjoys a well written kids book now and then.

None like Him by Jen Wilkin is a fantastic book learning more about our amazing God. I’ve had it for awhile and pulled it out again.

I adore Julia Rothman books. Food Anatomy is a gorgeously illustrated book (my 3 favorites; books, art, food!)

It’s informative and inspiring.

My bass guitar! I want to learn an instrument I can play with my family. Dave has promised to give me lessons, so that will be very fun. AND THEN I found the adorable guitar strap to go with it…could not be cuter! Wish we luck! It’s harder than it looks 😉

My kitchen is coming along!!! Yay!

New design! Vintage Rose on Cream. (Cotton fabric is 15% off right now)

Last, but not least…my kids all together! Still enjoying the memories of spring break last week.

Happy Friday! Would love to hear what books you have been reading!

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  1. Jarynne says:

    We will have to look into buying the book!!

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