💜✨✝️Easter 2022✝️✨💜

The fun started Saturday night with the coloring of the eggs.

We had a speckle kit where you put rice and dye in a plastic bag and shake the egg around…they turned out so pretty!

Some people just dunked the eggs in with their fingers -ha!

All the pretty eggs…every one different, just like us humans!

You can see the kitchen is in a bit of a disrepair…we just got the butcher block countertops and having work done.

Happy Easter morning!

All the flowery dresses! Sweet girls 💕💜

At church, music and service was so so good!!!! Worshipping our great God!!!! This moment in What a Beautiful Name -when it switches to HOLY! Holy! You are Lord God Almighty! It was such a beautiful service and a great mix of old and new songs.

The weather was Perfect!

We had Grampa and Gramma over for lunch…

And James and Kaylen!

It was such a nice day! We had ham and turkey and mashed potatoes and pineapple bake, green beans, and my mom’s delicious rainbow sherbet dessert.

Sadie enjoyed her little egg hunt (ham eggs are the best in her opinion!)

Speaking of Sadie….

Here she is! The Easter Puppy Bunny lives on!

Happy Resurrection Day!! Thank You, Jesus!! There is a Redeemer! And here is our family photo !! The boys may not be here in person, but they are always in our hearts💕❤️

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