💙Quick Trip to SC 💙

I was able to drive down to Greenville this past week to see the boys! One of the main reasons to go was for a wedding. Such a sweet wedding! Chris had grown up in our church, it was precious to see him and Sarah in such a God-honoring ceremony.

So good to see Elsie and Christy, and Nan was there too.

It was fun to be with the boys and Kayla and Anna!

Never a dull moment 😁

I got to stay at Granna and Poppop’s (and Ginger’s!!)…I told them I’m so blessed to have such a nice bed and breakfast to stay and catch up! ❤️

I knew the boys were busy during the day on Friday so I scheduled times to get together with my friends. It was such a sweet day!! First off, breakfast with my dear friend Kellie!! She was such an inspiration to me!

She’s amazingly creative. She’s working on this book of prayers and verses. Each individual work of art uses a different technique. She has an Etsy shop of the cutest little smocked dresses. I came away inspired artistically, but also spiritually.

Then I got to see Sarah who I had gone to college with! She’s Wil’s friend Anna’s mom. It was so wonderful to catch up on what’s happened to us in the 26 years since we’ve seen each other! We got to talk for hours and it was so nice.

Then I got to see my friend Charlotte! Another amazingly creative soul. We always have so much to talk about. She’s the one who introduced me to drawing on the iPad!! I have Charlotte to thank for so much delight in drawing and creating stickers, learning about the Ipencil, and the creative process.

Her house and yard are full of gorgeous plants! I loved seeing everything and catching up.

That evening, Good Friday, I went with the boys to a bonfire put on by their church. I got to meet a lot of their friends and the college group leaders. When it got dark we all gathered around the bonfire and sang songs about Jesus and the events of that Beautiful terrible day 2000+ years ago. They read scripture too and it was just a magical night. I have a video where you can hear both Wes and Wil singing along to The Power of the Cross…and I will cherish hearing that for a long time.

Saturday I was able to chat with Granna for a little bit, then headed out to go home. I stopped by Chick Fil A and got to see Wes at work.

So thankful for a very sweet trip. It won’t be long! I’ll get to see the boys again when they are done with school on May 6! I didn’t even realize how I needed to get away and be refreshed; especially by my dear Christian friends and sisters in Christ!

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