Raleigh Thrift Trip 2022!! Comprehensive Guide for a Girls’ thrift shopping Trip 🎉🛒🏬🌳

Skye and I had a fun two day trip in Raleigh. We went to 4 thrift stores that were new to us, a few other cute boutiques and consignments shops, we ate good food and stayed at a hotel and just generally had the best time. I’m going to break down all the details and tell you where to go. We found a ton of cute clothes and decor items. I don’t think we walked out of one shop without buying something (that’s a talent …or a curse- HAha!!)

First stop – Hand Me Ups thrift. This was a great store! It reminded me of a smaller version of the Dorcas store in Cary.

Love this blanket for Skye

Here’s our cart after 20 min. Look at these treasures! That green floral painting is precious. I found beautiful fabric remnants and cross stitch kits, that beetle plate is interesting, and the thank u notes are brand new.

Fun in the dressing room 🙂

Skye found a bunch of clothes here …we like the redeemed shirt…she has a knack for finding t-shirts and hoodies.

Stop number 2–not much to look at from the outside! But missions thrift is a great place! It’s clean and well organized…it’s inside of a church – a huge building. We were really impressed with the store and the ministry. We both found some good clothing.

Snack break! Goodberry’s was delicious

Retails Thrift was a great stop for books, art, magazines, and Skye found clothing as well


Drum roll please….Here’s my favorite…this is the second time we’ve been- TRUNK SHOW VINTAGE in Raleigh!

Those owls! The striped napkin rings! That floral needlepoint! (That needlepoint came home with me)

That blanket was so good. The needlepoint bell pulls.

So much beauty and lots of funky finds

I’m “thumbody” 🙂

Trunkshow does not disappoint. Skye bought two pairs of earrings and I bought a pillow and the needlepoint and a sunflower glass:

So pretty
Also pretty 🙂

After our shopping for the day we went back to the hotel (we stayed at the Hilton on Wake Forest Rd). The room was very comfy and we enjoyed the pool and hot tub. The staff was super nice.

Next day – starting out the morning with the very overpriced hotel Starbucks mango dragonfruit drink.

Our first stop was Cause For Paws (the one off of Wake Forest Road) I was so impressed with the clothing at this thrift store!!! There were so many cute, floral, funky, and artsy tops and dresses. We found great clothing and a few decor items as well. Skye really struggled here with her allergies, sneezing at the cats that they keep in cages. The store is an outreach for animals (hence the name!) so that’s the only drawback – if you are allergic to cats it’s hard to stay long..

And we stayed a long while!

the overflowing cart

Next door to Cause for Paws…the A to Z thrift …great book selection and records…

I found some really pretty books about animals and one gorgeous Aesop’s fables book. And this beautiful plate of Delaware landmarks

Time for lunch!! We had a delicious lunch at Parkside. Their salads are amazing and Skye’s BLT was fabulous

Bathroom break

Time to check in with the Hubby! Our report: we’ve bought a ton and almost out of money – haha…he misses us…says the house is too quiet

Next stop a cute boutique next to Parkside called The Flourish Market. Skye bought a really cute dress here.

Downtown Raleigh Urban outfitters is a fun place to browse…but too expensive for our thrifting budgets…

Although I did find a hat on the clearance rack

Next stop: Uptown Cheapskate. This is similar to Plato’s Closet (consignment) – skye got some cute clothes here, I found these comfy sandals pictured above and have not taken them off since I got them

In the same parking lot as Uptown Cheapskate is the Jerusalem market and bakery – you walk in and are instantly transported to Jerusalem! Look what I found there:

little one cup teapot that says good morning 🙂

And this adorable tin with a little bar of soap inside

At that point of the day we were totally out of our budgeted money- so we stopped at Benelux coffee on the way out of town and went home to get Dave. We came back to see an imax movie and get some photos with the color wall behind Marbles.

Dave was happy to enjoy a tiny portion of our spring break 2 day extravaganza

Thank you, Dave, for supporting our shopping habits and always listening to our zany stories and looking at our many purchases

This duo has plans of many more thrift trips in the future!!

Thank you Skye for being so fun and the best bargain hunter buddy!!

There are many more great thrift spots in the Raleigh area and the food that we missed!! Here are a few suggestions of places we have enjoyed in the past:

The best goodwill (Cary)

Dorcas Thrift

Guardian Angel thrift in Fuquay

Bargain Barn– I haven’t found much here but my parents LOVE this place!

Fun food ideas: Morgan street food hall, Raleigh rolls (ice cream), transfer food hall, flying biscuit, rise biscuit, neomonde (amazing Mediterranean), fiction kitchen (veg), boulted bread (best bakery!), Sullivan’s (best fancy!), juice keys (best smoothie bowls)

Quick links to our new thrift store faves:

Hand me ups

Missions thrift


*trunkshow vintage*

Cause for paws (wake forest rd) …cause for paws (Saunders st)

Uptown Cheapskate ….Plato’s closet ….clothes Mentor (a nicer Plato’s closet-type)

My favorite finds: Needlepoint from trunkshow….painting from hand me ups
Cute little butterfly poster from cause for paws

I hope this gives you a starting off point to a fun shopping experience in Raleigh…we also have great museums, parks, malls, and hiking. But that’s for another post! PLEASE tell me if you have any other great spots to shop in Raleigh!

Reading through this post I’m reliving the fun all over again —eeek!! Good memories for sure.

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