Mother’s Day Weekend 2022💕❤️

What a sweet weekend with family!

Let’s start with Friday night: Skye had a formal party with her school class. It was fun to have the girls come over and get ready together.

Sweet and precious friends

It was a fun night for everyone. We love you, Skye! It’s so fun to watch you grow and mature into a gracious and beautiful lady ❤️☺️

Saturday was a magical day! Mom found a botanical garden just 15 min from our house. I’d never heard of it before! It’s the Juniper Level Botanical Garden …it’s not open to the public all the time…it looks like the next time it’s open (free!) is July 15.

There were so many, (hundreds!) of different varieties of plants and flowers. You can see Mom is excitedly pointing out something amazing

Such a beautiful place with shady paths through the wooded gardens

I was so inspired by the different textured leaves!

Gorgeous!! We were captivated …we decided it needs to be a traditional trip each year.

Each plant is labeled so you can learn a lot and then they have huge greenhouses where you can buy plants

Sunday! We had a great service at church and then got Jersey Mike’s subs for lunch. My kids spoiled me! Skye bought me those cute earrings ^ and a dress💚

Wes brought me these gorgeous flowers and chocolate!

Wil gave me some adorable socks and a sticker. Thank you, sweet kids!!! Love you three so much

Dave got me a raised garden bed! More on that later. I didn’t get a picture with Dave…sad about that. I’ll just post this one again:

So cute

Fun to be with Mom for Mother’s Day!!

Then we left for our vacation to the Outer Banks! Here we are in a sandstorm on the way…we experienced a lot of CRAZY weather!! Stay tuned for many vacation posts.

***Thankful for my sweet mom and mom in law! I am so blessed to see their godly examples play out day to day and year after year. There is nothing more inspiring to me than to see a woman who faithfully dedicates her life to following God and the Bible, and to taking such good care of her husband, family, and friends. Both Mom and Mom Mincy do this so well and I see them at peace in their lives, happy, content, always learning and always doing creative and fruitful work. ** My inspirations! **

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